We are a consulting firm specializing in health.
We are a consulting firm specializing in health.
Together with organizations of the public and private sector, we walk the path of transformation of the health system, through innovative and efficient consulting solutions, hand in hand with national and internationally applied best practices.

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We are part of INTEGRA, the first health ecosystem in the Dominican Republic, made up of six different organizations that complement each other and unite in the same objective, to improve the health that Dominicans receive, in a sustainable and attainable way.
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Through a multidisciplinary team of different consultants specializing in medicine, nursing, processes, economics and finance, administration and technology, we generate solutions that add value to the issues and challenges faced.

We provide solutions to the different segments that make up the health sector in the Dominican Republic, such as: capital intensive and / or independent businesses, service providers, developers, funders, public and non-profit organizations, among others.
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Our value proposal is in specialization, transparency, synergy, systemic vision, impartiality, implementation of best practices, collaboration, and knowledge about the sector in which we work.

ALLEGRA not only designs the solution, but actively accompanies in its implementation, ensuring compliance with the best practices proposed.
We provide consulting solutions that allow our clients to achieve efficiencies, generate alliances, create synergies, standardize services, implement best practices and accelerate the transformation of the sector.
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  • Business plan.
  • Feasibility study.
  • Assessment.
  • Strategic plan. 
  • Definition and redefinition of business models. 
  • Project evaluation.
  • Service portfolio evaluation.
  • Capital raising.
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  • Operational and financial efficiency.
  • Capacity Analysis. Management control model.
  • Human management specialized in health.
  • Operationalization of turnkey projects.
  • Structuring of costs for services (price settlement and packaging).
  • Institutionalization Projects.
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  • Structuring of collaboration models between the different stakeholders of the sector.
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Leadership and management in the health sector program

The evolution of the health sector in recent years has driven the need to develop in managers a strategic and comprehensive vision of the organization and the ecosystem. It is for this reason that the Leadership and Management in the Health Sector program was born, a proposal that seeks to promote, integrate and develop managerial skills aimed at generating the actors that make up the sector.

Our main objective is to ensure that the professionals in each area have sufficient knowledge so that together they can direct their goals in favor of the sector and the citizens.

Our Team
Dr. Gastón Gabin
Internist doctor, specializing in business administration. His professional career has focused on hospital management as a driver of innovation and changes in delivery models, promoting the adoption of new technologies that promote accessibility, universality and sustainability of the health system. During the last years he has dedicated himself to collaborative innovation and to design strategies for the transformation of current health systems. In addition, he has offered consultancies in health management for Latin America and the Middle East. In his search for innovative solutions of value for the health sector, he led and founded The H.I.V.E, an applied innovation center of the Austral University Hospital, where he was also director of Innovation and Change Management. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences of the Austral University and of the internal medicine residency of the Austral University Hospital. In addition, he holds a Master of Business Administration from IAE Business School.
Horacio Marino
ALLEGRA Director
Her professional career has been characterized by her leadership and ability to manage innovative projects. In the first university center of applied innovation in Argentina, she was responsible for promoting an ideal ecosystem for collaborative innovation, focused on the disruption of new technologies in the health sector, looking for solutions that add value, accessibility and long-term sustainability. She is a Business Administrator from the Universidad Católica de Argentina, and has an Executive Master in Business Administration from IAE Business School, from the Global Immersion Program at Harvard Business School. She also holds an MBA from the Universidad Iberoamericana UNIBE with a specialization in Corporate Finance and Investment from the University of Floria FYU. She has completed certifications in Marketing and Sales, Project Management, Patient Experience and Coaching.
Maria Eugenia Mieses Figueroa
Project Manager
She is an Industrial Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (Magna Cum Laude). She holds a master's degree in Engineering Management from the Rochester Institute of Technology, and of which she holds an advanced certification in Project Management. He has extensive experience in project management, being responsible for the design, implementation and monitoring of strategies, as well as leading projects for the introduction of new products, development of standards and procedures and feasibility analysis for national and multinational companies.
Francisco Lembert
Senior Consultant
Industrial Engineer from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra with studies in corporate finance and investment philosophy. At a professional level, she has worked as a senior consultant in financial services consulting, business plan management and development of investment prospects in different sectors such as tourism, real estate, energy, finance, manufacturing, construction and aviation, among others.
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